NanoEcho AB and us4us Ltd. strengthen collaboration for future medical ultrasound technology

NanoEcho AB has signed a new letter of intent with us4us Ltd. regarding continued collaboration on the product development that was initiated with a letter of intent in July 2022. The collaboration is focused on the development of the next-generation ultrasound scanner module.

According to the previous agreement, NanoEcho AB entered an active collaboration with us4us Ltd. regarding the development of an innovative medical ultrasound scanner module intended for diagnostics. The aim is that the module will be included in NanoEcho´s planned commercial diagnostic system for rectal cancer. In the continued collaboration, the companies intend to further develop the next generation of this module. The focus will be on improving performance, reducing energy consumption, and increasing cost efficiency. These improvements present exciting opportunities for NanoEchos´s future medical diagnostic devices and ensure that, even after market launch, NanoEcho remains at the forefront of medical imaging technology.

“By collaborating on the development of next-generation ultrasound scanner modules, we ensure that our needs are included in future products. This partnership strengthens our potential to meet future challenges in medical imaging technology,” says Linda Persson, CEO of NanoEcho AB, when she emphasizes the importance of the partnership.

“We believe that high-performance yet low-power software-defined ultrasound is the future of medical diagnostics, and our partnership with NanoEcho will help attain this future,” says Marcin Lewandowski,” CEO of us4us Ltd.

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