NanoEcho has entered into an agreement securing the supply of nanoparticles

Today, NanoEcho has entered into a comprehensive agreement ensuring the company’s access to iron oxide-based nanoparticles, Ferrotran® (ferumoxtran), both in the short and long term. The agreement with SPL Medical represents the company’s most significant deal to date, as the choice of nanoparticles is crucial for the optimal functioning of the company’s diagnostic method.

The business agreement, signed today by SPL Medical and NanoEcho, is a comprehensive contract. The agreement grants NanoEcho exclusivity regarding the supply of Ferrotran® (ferumoxtran), iron oxide-based nanoparticles for use in magnetomotive ultrasound. These nanoparticles are planned to be part of the system from which the company intends to generate revenue.

For the clinical effectiveness of the system, the choice of nanoparticles is of crucial importance. Ferrotran® is chosen based on its ability to spread in the lymphatic system and differentiate between diseased and healthy tissue in lymph node metastasis. NanoEcho has evaluated the unique lymphotropic properties in preclinical studies, and the results form the basis for the choice of this particle.

The agreement includes delivery for both the planned clinical study and future sales.

“Today, NanoEcho has successfully secured the supply of iron oxide-based nanoparticles through a comprehensive agreement with SPL Medical. This agreement is of utmost significance for our business and represents a significant milestone. The choice of these nanoparticles is critical for optimising our diagnostic method. We look forward to continuing to work with full focus on market approval and are very pleased with this significant step forward,” says Dr. Linda Persson, CEO of NanoEcho.

The choice of NanoEcho for the SPL medical proprietary iron oxide nanoparticle Ferrotran® underlines its unique lymphatic properties and demonstrates the platform applicability of Ferrotran® over various applications and technologies beyond magnetic resonance imaging,” says Dr. Jürgen Feuerstein, CEO of SPL Medical.

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