NanoEcho submits a patent application for an advanced software algorithm for magnetomotive ultrasound

NanoEcho has officially filed a patent application with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) for an advanced algorithm designed to enable the use of magnetomotive ultrasound in clinical examinations. The new patent aims to establish strong protection for a software algorithm that continuously calculates, filters, and visualizes clinical examination results in real-time during the use of magnetomotive ultrasound.

The core innovation of the algorithm lies in its ability to calculate and filter data from magnetomotive ultrasound examinations in real-time, compensating for movements that occur when users or patients move during the examination. By innovatively streamlining data handling and eliminating disruptions in the images, the algorithm creates new possibilities in real-time for precision in diagnostics, especially when using handheld probes in clinical environments. This advancement strengthens NanoEcho’s patent protection for the use of magnetomotive ultrasound in clinical settings.

“This patent aims to protect a central advancement in magnetomotive ultrasound when a handheld probe is used in a clinical environment. Through this patent, we intend to establish strong protection for our innovative technology, which is of crucial importance to the company,” says Linda Persson, CEO of NanoEcho, emphasizing the patent’s vital role in the company’s value creation.

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i NanoEcho

Erbjudande om att teckna aktier i NanoEcho AB (publ) i samband med IPO
Teckningstid: 29 maj – 28 juni

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