NanoEcho’s basic patent approved in Canada

The basic patent for NanoEcho’s method, previously granted in Japan, Europe, and South Korea, has now been approved also in Canada. The basic patent protects the performance of a hand-held probe with the unique combination of placing an ultrasound transducer together with one or more magnets on the same device. The same patent is under examination in the United States, where the process proceeds according to plan.

“Our basic patent has now been approved in several strategic countries, and we feel confident with our patent portfolio, which secures the use of strategically and technically important innovations,” says Linda Persson, CEO of NanoEcho

NanoEcho’s innovative method aims to meet a major global need by facilitating the differentiation between diseased and healthy tissue in connection with diagnostics. As a first step, this method is developed for rectal cancer diagnosis to map the spread of cancer to nearby lymph nodes before surgery. This mapping can provide the opportunity for a more individualised treatment and thus contribute to avoiding unnecessary complicated, and risky surgery.

Pågående emission
i NanoEcho

Erbjudande om att teckna aktier i NanoEcho AB (publ) i samband med IPO
Teckningstid: 29 maj – 28 juni

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