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NanoEcho is a Swedish company and was formed as a spin-off from a research group at the University of Lund. The image method NanoEcho applies aims to provide a more accurate, simpler and cheaper diagnosis of cancer diseases, amongst other things. The images that are produced aim to facilitate the differentiation of diseased and healthy tissue, and at the same time determine a more precise location of the condition. With clearer diagnostics, medical doctors receive better guidance to do more individualized treatment and thus reduce unnecessary suffering and increase the chances of survival of patients at a reduced cost of treatment. NanoEcho aims to commercialize the technology for diagnosing rectal cancer. There are good prospects in the next phase to develop the method for diagnosing prostate cancer.

The technology that NanoEcho specializes in is a new medical imaging method called magnet motor ultrasound. The innovation lies in utilizing nanotechnology in combination with modern ultrasound technology to improve cancer detection. A nanoparticle-based contrast agent is used to clearly highlight the affected lymph nodes and get an idea of whether they contain metastases. By combining a magnetic field with diagnostic ultrasound in a new way, the already cost-effective ultrasound technology can be extended to completely new areas of application for tumor spread analysis and treatment efficacy.

NanoEcho’s management and board of directors represent a long and solid experience. The management team has a comprehensive knowledge of medical technology and a unique expertise in the method NanoEcho specializes in. Members also have a background of successfully driving products from idea stage to successful launches. The board consists of members with long experience of commercializing research results and of financing and developing companies at an early stage.