NanoEcho and Peritus Clinic establish collaboration for the upcoming clinical registration study

NanoEcho AB (publ.) has today signed a letter of intent with Peritus Clinic AB in Lund, which includes collaboration in clinical image interpretation related to rectal cancer diagnostics. The initial focus will be on NanoEcho’s upcoming clinical registration study.

The parties have reached an agreement to collaborate in the planning and execution of NanoEcho’s upcoming clinical registration study. The ambition is for Peritus Clinic to support interpreting clinical images generated by NanoEcho’s imaging system.
Peritus Clinic is an innovative leading private hospital in Lund with operations within urology, surgery, and diagnostics. As one of the country’s most advanced private healthcare facilities, Peritus Clinic has a very high clinical expertise in medical imaging. By combining NanoEcho’s expertise in medical imaging technology with Peritus Clinic’s solid clinical competence, we ensure quality in the planning and, eventually, execution of our registration study. The collaboration represents an important milestone for NanoEcho and the company’s vision to improve rectal cancer diagnostics.

“Having a controlled collaboration with Peritus Clinic is an important step in further strengthening our clinical focus. We are extremely pleased to have access to their extensive expertise, enabling a thorough and well-planned approach to our upcoming study. This partnership will be a valuable asset in our efforts to improve diagnostics for patients who suffer from rectal cancer,” says Linda Persson, CEO of NanoEcho.

“To be able to provide healthcare that is at the cutting edge of technology, we need to be involved in the development of new projects and ideas. Our vision and goal are to act as a partner in healthcare as well as in research and development,” says Åsa Dahm, CEO of Peritus Clinic.

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