NanoEcho expands its international network by meeting leading researchers and physicians in Glasgow

NanoEcho has participated in a meeting with international researchers in magnetomotive ultrasound as well as leading colorectal cancer physicians. At the meeting, NanoEcho’s imaging system was presented and discussed and its potential to improve health care for rectal cancer patients.

This week, NanoEcho participated in a meeting in Glasgow together with internationally prominent researchers in magnetomotive ultrasound and leading physicians in colorectal cancer from Strathclyde University, Glasgow University, Edinburgh University and Lund University.

The discussions focused on trends and challenges in rectal cancer diagnostics. It was confirmed that the challenges identified by NanoEcho, related to the lack of reliable diagnostics for the spread of rectal cancer, are shared by the international medical profession. During the meeting, NanoEcho had the opportunity to present and demonstrate the NanoEcho imaging system.

Linda Persson, CEO of NanoEcho, held a seminar entitled “High-resolution Images for Improved Rectal Cancer Diagnosis” which generated many interesting discussions about what it takes to bring innovation to the market.

“It was very rewarding and inspiring to present our system and receive such positive feedback from international participants. This strengthens our international network, which is important before our upcoming clinical registration study”, says Linda Persson, CEO of NanoEcho.

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