NanoEcho and us4us have signed a letter of intent

NanoEcho has chosen the supplier us4us and started collaboration around the development and future manufacturing of the imaging device.

NanoEcho and us4us have signed a letter of intent and agreed to collaborate regarding the development of NanoEcho’s imaging device, specifically the ultrasound scanner unit. The imaging device is aimed to be used at medical hospitals, as support in rectal cancer diagnostics, and will be CE-marked, according to the EU Medical Device Regulation.

us4us will be one of NanoEcho’s key suppliers together with Vermon SA, who is the collaboration partner of the ultrasound probe. Both suppliers will, together with NanoEcho, develop the commercial system with the goal to fulfill market, manufacturing, and regulatory requirements of a commercial medical device.

us4us specializes in research and development, within the scope of medical and industrial applications of ultrasound, as well as the professional design of advanced electronic systems. The company supports its clients in the complete product development cycle: from basic research, through feasibility studies and product concept, to product development and its certification.

I am confident that us4us, with their strong expertise in medical ultrasound scanners and high flexibility, is the right collaboration partner in the development of our imaging device. I am very pleased to announce that we have signed this letter of intent, which outlines our collaboration towards a market approval of our imaging device. These two key suppliers, Vermon SA and us4us, build a solid foundation for the continued development of our diagnostic imaging device.”, says Linda Persson, CEO of NanoEcho.

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