NanoEcho announces collaboration partner for the nanoparticle

NanoEcho and SPL medical have signed a Letter of Intent and initiated a cooperation on regulatory partnership and supply for the iron-oxide based nanoparticle. The aim of the collaboration is to achieve market approval for the NanoEcho indication, diagnostics of rectal cancer lymph node metastases.

NanoEcho and SPL medical have signed a Letter of Intent to explore the possibilities to expand the medical indication and intended purpose of SPL’s particles to also cover NanoEcho’s application.

In NanoEcho’s method for diagnostics of rectal cancer lymph node metastases, modern ultrasound technology is used together with iron-oxide based nanoparticles. For the clinical effectiveness of the system, the choice of nanoparticle is essential.

The Letter of Intent also includes discussions regarding collaborations around potential additional indications for NanoEcho’s method.

The lymphotropic nanoparticle from SPL medical, Ferumoxtran, has been developed for the detection of lymph node metastases. It is available today to patients in Europe, within an ongoing registration clinical trial. The particle is intended to be used as a contrast agent for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in diagnostics of various cancers. In total the nanoparticle from SPL medical has so far been used with more than 700 patients in the Netherlands and Switzerland in special approvals.

Together with SPL medical, NanoEcho aims to compile necessary data to obtain regulatory approval to start a clinical registration study on the diagnosis of rectal cancer lymph node metastases with NanoEchos patented magnetomotive ultrasound technology. The aim of the upcoming clinical registration study is to obtain market approval for the combined NanoEcho device and nanoparticle in Europe.

“We are very pleased to have established this collaboration with SPL medical. This is an important step in our journey. Based on our initial evaluation, the particle provided by SPL medical looks very promising for our application. Their expertise in the development and commercialisation of nanoparticles is impressive and will be very beneficial for us at NanoEcho“, says Dr. Linda Persson CEO for NanoEcho.

“The extension of the scope of applicability of Ferumoxtran, our proprietary iron-oxide nanoparticle, also to modern ultrasound technology demonstrates the wide power of this platform technology beyond the broad field of nano-MRI”, says Dr. Jürgen Feuerstein CEO for SPL Medical.

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