NanoEcho has developed a new user-friendly interface

Together with less-studio, NanoEcho has developed a modern and intuitive user interface, which is now being implemented in NanoEcho’s imaging system prior to commercialization.

Developing a user-friendly interface is an important part of the commercial and regulatory work. The goal is to provide users with an intuitive experience; NanoEcho’s imaging system must be clear and easy to use and in additional it must meet the regulatory requirements for a medical device.
The NanoEcho interface has been developed together with less-studio, specialized in developing user interfaces. Implementation has now started to prepare the system for the upcoming formal verification process.

“To succeed in the market, it is important to offer a system that is intuitive. Many traditional systems in image diagnostics require a lot of training and experience from the user, and we have deliberately worked to reduce this. We are very satisfied with the result of the collaboration with less-studio, which has solid specialist competence in modern user interaction. Now we look forward to the implementation of the user interface,” says Linda Persson CEO of NanoEcho.

“With our experience from well-known global companies and digital products, we have created an interface that feels new, modern and easy to use, which makes the job easier and faster during the clinical examination”, says Mick Cordero CEO at less-studio.

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