NanoEchos strengthens its position with an approved patent in the USA

NanoEcho’s method has got its patent approved in the USA. This milestone means that NanoEcho’s technology is now protected in the important US market. The patent protects the design of a hand-held probe, which combines ultrasound transducers and magnets placed on the same device. This patent has already been approved in Europe, Japan, South Korea and Canada.

“We are very happy about the approval of our patent in the US, it opens up fantastic market opportunities for NanoEcho. The US makes up 40 percent of the global market for medical devices. This strengthens our patent protection and our global position in the medical technology field,” says Linda Persson, CEO of NanoEcho.

NanoEcho’s innovative method, initially developed for rectal cancer diagnostics, aims to meet a global medical need; to facilitate the differentiation between diseased and healthy tissue. By mapping the spread of cancer to nearby lymph nodes before surgery, the method can provide the opportunity for individualized treatment and thereby reduce the risk of unnecessary complication-filled interventions.

NanoEcho’s extensive patent protection for technology and design, including the design of the hand-held probe with integrated ultrasound transducer and magnets, has been further strengthened by the US approval.

“We work actively with our patent portfolio and continuously evaluate how to best strengthen the portfolio in step with our product development and thereby secure the use of strategically and technically important innovations,” says Magnus Santesson, CTO of NanoEcho.

This information is information that NanoEcho is obliged to make public pursustant to the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation. This Is an translation, the  original information was submitted for publication in Swedish on 2023-08-15 16:45 CEST
For further information, please contact:
Kristina Hallström, CMO & CCO

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