NanoEcho strengthens competitiveness with trademark protection within the EU

NanoEcho AB announces today that the name NanoEcho® and the company’s logo have been registered and granted trademark protection in all European Union member states. This dual registration is an important milestone to strengthen NanoEcho’s trademark portfolio and increase the company’s competitiveness ahead of commercial launches.

The registration of the name NanoEcho® and the associated logo represents a strategic decision that provides the company with valuable protection and strengthens the brand identity ahead of future commercial launches. This crucial step helps secure NanoEcho’s trademark portfolio.

“This dual registration strengthens our position in the international market and enhances our competitiveness in connection with our commercial activities. The fact that both the name NanoEcho® and our logo are now trademark-protected in all EU countries is a significant milestone,” says Linda Persson, CEO of NanoEcho.

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