NanoEcho has been selected to participate in a business development program

NanoEcho has, as one of seven companies, been chosen to participate cost-free in the Smile Incubator and Medicon Village program “10 X Health.” The program provides expertise in business development and focuses on established Life Science companies transitioning from being a startup to becoming a scale-up.

NanoEcho is awarded grant for innovative growth

NanoEcho has been awarded a grant from the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) -fund within the European Union Intellectual Property Office to cover initial fees related to a new patent application and trademark protection. These grants are provided to support the management of intellectual property assets for European SMEs.

NanoEchos strengthens its position with an approved patent in the USA

NanoEcho’s method has got its patent approved in the USA. This milestone means that NanoEcho’s technology is now protected in the important US market. The patent protects the design of a hand-held probe, which combines ultrasound transducers and magnets placed on the same device. This patent has already been approved in Europe, Japan, South Korea and Canada.

NanoEcho strengthens management by hiring a clinical director

NanoEcho strengthens the organization by hiring Ulrika Axelsson as responsible for the company’s clinical operations. Ulrika will be part of the company’s executive management team and will, among other things, be responsible for planning and carrying out the company’s clinical studies, with the goal of getting market approval for NanoEcho’s system for rectal cancer diagnostics.

A historic day – for the first time ever, a magnetomotive ultrasound was applied to human tissue

Yesterday was a historic day for NanoEcho. To our knowledge, this is the first time ever that the magnetomotive ultrasound method has been applied to human tissue. This was carried out on operated cancer tissue using NanoEcho’s first generation portable system at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. Our system is designed to map, with high precision, the spread of cancer to the lymph nodes, an important marker of how far the cancer has progressed, even before surgery. Our clinical study is now underway at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Basic patent granted in Japan

The basic patent for NanoEcho’s method has now been granted in Japan. We have also received positive feedback on the same patent in Europe from the European Patent Office, which has announced that it intends to grant the patent. The same patent is also under review in Canada and the US, where the process is also progressing according to plan.

First patient recruited in clinical trial on surgically removed tissue

NanoEcho has been given the go-ahead to begin clinical trials on surgically removed rectal cancer tissue at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg and at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö. The first patient has now been recruited at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. NanoEcho is developing a new medical imaging technique for the diagnosis of rectal cancer. The ambition is to contribute to a more reliable mapping of cancer spread to nearby lymph nodes, which is an important marker of how far along the cancer is.

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