NanoEcho increases global presence in the ultrasound industry

NanoEcho AB participates in the international ultrasound conference, the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), together with one of the company’s key suppliers, us4us Ltd. Attendance at the conference is a strategic step toward establishing NanoEcho’s presence in the global ultrasound market.

NanoEcho is awarded grant for innovative growth

NanoEcho has been awarded a grant from the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) -fund within the European Union Intellectual Property Office to cover initial fees related to a new patent application and trademark protection. These grants are provided to support the management of intellectual property assets for European SMEs.

First step in the formal process towards certification

As part of the process of getting market approval for selling and marketing medical technology equipment, NanoEcho has today taken the first step towards certification by having BSI (British Standard Institute) go through the company’s processes. The aim is to evaluate how well the company complies with the current ISO standard, ISO-13485 Management system for medical technology, and identify any weaknesses in the company’s quality management system.

NanoEchos strengthens its position with an approved patent in the USA

NanoEcho’s method has got its patent approved in the USA. This milestone means that NanoEcho’s technology is now protected in the important US market. The patent protects the design of a hand-held probe, which combines ultrasound transducers and magnets placed on the same device. This patent has already been approved in Europe, Japan, South Korea and Canada.

Vinnova awards NanoEcho a grant for price strategy development

Vinnova has awarded NanoEcho a grant of SEK 200,000 to develop a pricing strategy for NanoEcho’s diagnostic system. This support was obtained through the Medtech4Health call 2023, which aims to strengthen the competence in small medtech companies.

NanoEcho’s basic patent approved in Canada

The basic patent for NanoEcho’s method, previously granted in Japan, Europe, and South Korea, has now been approved also in Canada. The basic patent protects the performance of a hand-held probe with the unique combination of placing an ultrasound transducer together with one or more magnets on the same device. The same patent is under examination in the United States, where the process proceeds according to plan.

NanoEcho strengthens management by hiring a clinical director

NanoEcho strengthens the organization by hiring Ulrika Axelsson as responsible for the company’s clinical operations. Ulrika will be part of the company’s executive management team and will, among other things, be responsible for planning and carrying out the company’s clinical studies, with the goal of getting market approval for NanoEcho’s system for rectal cancer diagnostics.

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