Basic patent granted in Japan

The basic patent for NanoEcho’s method has now been granted in Japan. We have also received positive feedback on the same patent in Europe from the European Patent Office, which has announced that it intends to grant the patent. The same patent is also under review in Canada and the US, where the process is also progressing according to plan.

The patent protects the unique combination of placing an ultrasonic transducer together with one or more magnets on the same device, as such the basic patent protects the performance of a handheld probe. The magnets create an alternating magnetic field which, together with the ultrasonic transducer, is used to locate iron oxide-based nanoparticles. 

We work actively with our patent portfolio and continuously evaluate how we can best strengthen and expand our patent portfolio as our product development progresses. This is to ensure the use of strategically and technically important innovations. The Japanese market accounts for approximately 8.5 per cent of the global rectal cancer market, says Linda Persson, CEO of NanoEcho. 

This press release was published in Swedish in 1 July 2021. 

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