The development of the NanoEcho imaging device completed and ready for clinical studies

The development of NanoEcho’s commercial imaging device is now completed and ready to be used on patients, in clinical studies. The formal verification has today been successfully finalised without any remarks, which is the last step in the product development. This means that the device meets the customers’ and the authorities’ requirements for medical technology […]

Health economic model for introduction of NanoEcho’s diagnostic method: basis for care decisions and pricing strategy

NanoEcho has, in collaboration with health economic experts, developed a model for health economic analysis of the introduction of NanoEcho’s method in healthcare, with the aim of investigating the potential cost-effectiveness. The health economic model shows that the introduction of NanoEcho’s diagnostic method has the potential to generate health economic gains. This analysis will form […]

NanoEcho has entered into an agreement securing the supply of nanoparticles

Today, NanoEcho has entered into a comprehensive agreement ensuring the company’s access to iron oxide-based nanoparticles, Ferrotran® (ferumoxtran), both in the short and long term. The agreement with SPL Medical represents the company’s most significant deal to date, as the choice of nanoparticles is crucial for the optimal functioning of the company’s diagnostic method. The […]

NanoEcho strengthens its position through an agreement with Clinical Trial Consultants for the upcoming clinical phase

NanoEcho announces today that the company has entered an agreement with Clinical Trial Consultants (CTC), who will contribute with expertise, guidance, and preparatory activities for the upcoming clinical registration study. CTC is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) and thereby specialised in planning, executing, and reporting clinical studies. The agreement means that CTC will provide expertise […]

NanoEcho submits a patent application for an advanced software algorithm for magnetomotive ultrasound

NanoEcho has officially filed a patent application with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) for an advanced algorithm designed to enable the use of magnetomotive ultrasound in clinical examinations. The new patent aims to establish strong protection for a software algorithm that continuously calculates, filters, and visualizes clinical examination results in real-time during the […]

NanoEcho enters the formal verification phase

Today, NanoEcho enters the formal verification phase of its imaging system, in which ultrasound is used in conjunction with nanoparticles to improve rectal cancer diagnostics. This means that the integration and interaction process has been completed, an internal evaluation of the system’s performance has been made and documentation has been compiled. An independent review process […]

NanoEcho expands its international network by meeting leading researchers and physicians in Glasgow

NanoEcho has participated in a meeting with international researchers in magnetomotive ultrasound as well as leading colorectal cancer physicians. At the meeting, NanoEcho’s imaging system was presented and discussed and its potential to improve health care for rectal cancer patients. This week, NanoEcho participated in a meeting in Glasgow together with internationally prominent researchers in […]

NanoEcho strengthens competitiveness with trademark protection within the EU

NanoEcho AB announces today that the name NanoEcho® and the company’s logo have been registered and granted trademark protection in all European Union member states. This dual registration is an important milestone to strengthen NanoEcho’s trademark portfolio and increase the company’s competitiveness ahead of commercial launches. The registration of the name NanoEcho® and the associated […]

NanoEcho increases global presence in the ultrasound industry

NanoEcho AB participates in the international ultrasound conference, the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), together with one of the company’s key suppliers, us4us Ltd. Attendance at the conference is a strategic step toward establishing NanoEcho’s presence in the global ultrasound market. NanoEcho is participating together with us4us Ltd., a leading provider of ultrasound technology, at […]

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