NanoEcho submits a patent application for an advanced software algorithm for magnetomotive ultrasound

NanoEcho has officially filed a patent application with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) for an advanced algorithm designed to enable the use of magnetomotive ultrasound in clinical examinations. The new patent aims to establish strong protection for a software algorithm that continuously calculates, filters, and visualizes clinical examination results in real-time during the use of magnetomotive ultrasound.

NanoEcho enters the formal verification phase

Today, NanoEcho enters the formal verification phase of its imaging system, in which ultrasound is used in conjunction with nanoparticles to improve rectal cancer diagnostics. This means that the integration and interaction process has been completed, an internal evaluation of the system’s performance has been made and documentation has been compiled. An independent review process has been carried out to ensure that the documentation complies with the regulatory requirements.

NanoEcho strengthens competitiveness with trademark protection within the EU

NanoEcho AB announces today that the name NanoEcho┬« and the company’s logo have been registered and granted trademark protection in all European Union member states. This dual registration is an important milestone to strengthen NanoEcho’s trademark portfolio and increase the company’s competitiveness ahead of commercial launches.

NanoEcho increases global presence in the ultrasound industry

NanoEcho AB participates in the international ultrasound conference, the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), together with one of the company’s key suppliers, us4us Ltd. Attendance at the conference is a strategic step toward establishing NanoEcho’s presence in the global ultrasound market.

NanoEcho is awarded grant for innovative growth

NanoEcho has been awarded a grant from the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) -fund within the European Union Intellectual Property Office to cover initial fees related to a new patent application and trademark protection. These grants are provided to support the management of intellectual property assets for European SMEs.

First step in the formal process towards certification

As part of the process of getting market approval for selling and marketing medical technology equipment, NanoEcho has today taken the first step towards certification by having BSI (British Standard Institute) go through the company’s processes. The aim is to evaluate how well the company complies with the current ISO standard, ISO-13485 Management system for medical technology, and identify any weaknesses in the company’s quality management system.

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